Comparison of two different radio plays : Research and Planning – analysis of similar radio dramas

The archers – The archers is a long going soap opera taht was first aired in 1951 and is still going to the present day. Its format follows varoed ranges of different story lines. It is similar to those of soap operas aired on television.

The archers deals with situations related to most people’s different lives. The archers prides itself on thorough research and reflection of real rurual life. The archers is about : The archer family who are related to the aldriges and to several other ambridge families.

Womans Hour -Womans hour simlarly consists of 15 minute episodes, which broadcast every week day.

The subjects womans hour cover are varied and are not just for women. Womans hour is not a soap and therefore does not have the same content to the archers. It screens pieces such as new novels over a week or two period. It also deals with life issues that people can have discussions about, live on air.

The show broadcasts a wide range of medias.


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