Background Research – Narritave themes and wider context


This piece inspired my radio drama because its about a boy who stumbles upon a witch convention. The witches have a plan to rid the world of all children . This movie is very unrealistic , but its done in a way that would scare young children.

This piece influenced my radio drama by giving it a twist . Witches live their own lives out of modern society and this is very much what my radio drama is about. Grandma Champney only allows her family into this part of her life because she is diseased. They had never known anything about it before . The film the witches however promotes witches to be evil and scary , this is not the message that I am trying to put across.

In the film the witches use a human disguise and actually look like monsters underneath the plastic visage. This shows thw witches to be sub human and not part of the human race. Wiches have many connotaions including : scary , strange, doctors, spell binding , old , underworld and real . I am trying to forget the negative connotations focused on witches and give them a more magical and secret beginning.

In my radio drama witches are real people but have different lives away from the current world . They are not in it , but they are also not out of it. They live in a world in between .

However I cannot make the characters to be completely nomal for e.g. they grow old , but they keep growing old and only die when they go back into the current world to live out the rest of their lives.They cannot go back if they are past a certain age because other wise they simply will not exist there .


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