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The BBC is the largest broadcasting centre in the world. The BBC is owned by the taxpayer and is funded by an anual televison licence fee. The bbc earns an additional fee from selling certain programme making services .

New shows such as the womans hour and the archers has given radio 4 a massive boost or ratings . One in 6 radio listeners now tune into radio 4 , which is higher than its been since the station started. Radio 2’s breakfast show with Terry Wogan is still the favourite , but there are plans for him to leave at the end of the year, which could mean that radio 4 ‘s ratings will go up. Insiders are saying that the reccession and political down turn is driving the boost in listeners.

This article is about radio 4 pushing for a wider audience , and push through material aimed at the ethnic minorities in hope that they will reach a wider audience. Radio 4 has previously been criticised for being ‘too white’.The allegations also brought up the cliams that there are not enough ethnic minority presenters . The bbc is to put foward new ways of introducing a wider audience.

This page is about all the different ways that you can listen to radio 4 and gives information about how to do so.

This article is about the upset over the plege to put more female presenters on air , however 4 out of 5 radio 4 presenters are male. The editor is facing critisim about the gender mix . The bbc are increasily trying to make the gender mix equal thoughout the company.


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